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Thursday, December 07, 2006 

Smiles And Miracles Dedication to My Mother

This is my dedication in the research book I wrote about paranormal phenomena entitled, SMILES AND MIRACLES. It is available through me personally signed and/or from Amazon/
The finest psychic I have ever investigated was my beloved mom.
Please enjoy.

Dr. Ruby InaNorma Yanez, CH.t
In a lifetime of researching and exploring the much disputed phenomena we call "parapsychology" I have not yet met anyone to equal her direct hits. Mom's skill came naturally and was never studied or enhanced by tutors. In fact, she grew up with an extremely superstitious mother. All the gifts and talents she could have further manifested in this arena were disapproved of and thwarted by such an ignorant, fearful environment. Irene's accuracy was impeccable. Details of accidents to come, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and minute pieces of information such as foreign addresses of remote places she'd never been to, were everyday fare for her.

She was undoubtedly born in the wrong era for her gift to have been a success. So Irene stayed silently and frustratedly "in the closet" all her life. She would have been burned at the stake during the Inquisition, as well as in Salem. In ancient Greece, Irene might have been a revered oracle and sorceress in a society we still admire in present times. If she had become a medical doctor today, her skill in diagnosing through seeing the aura would have had some spotty recognition, but again might have had to staunchly remain "in the closet" for the majority of her medical peers. There are many societies who used people with these abilities to their great advantage. Healers abound throughout history. You only have to read our bibles to recognize the names. One famous example is Jesus. Yet.... other cultures would simply exterminate them and convince themselves they were doing something righteous.

Can it be that in the vast reaches of our species' mental heritage, we used to communicate through telepathy prior to having language? In still living present day "stone age people" we find scientifically attested to undeniable use of telepathy in their everyday lives. Why is this aspect of our modern minds still so gravely misunderstood?

Granted, most of the technological societies have submerged our instinctual knowledge in order to worship machines that do our thinking and work. But many have not forgotten what was once the natural heritage of us all. Is telepathy, along with all our additional native Extra Sensory Perceptual abilities to be feared, or a natural aspect of mind that should be re-explored and made to work for the mutual good? Mankind's intuitive selves have been premeditatively subdued and punished nearly out of existence.

You only have to see a flight pattern of birds to know that they are communicating mentally. It's the same with a school of fish. My simple and sincere question is, "Have we evolved or devolved?" If our youngsters were to be sensitivity trained at early ages to listen to their intuition and revere their minds more, could we possibly see increased cures for diseases, as well as more in the way of miraculous inventions? What valuable learnings and accomplishments are we losing because most people no longer respect this aspect of our minds' abilities to hone in on higher information than just logic and technology? We invite your commentaries, and will be sincerely grateful for your input.

Both of our parents were extremely psychic. Thank you for posting. Anon in Dallas
It must have been quite an adventure to be in your mother's company. D in Edmonton
I would have loved to have met her. E TX
Beautiful! You and your beautiful mother are one and the same. Amazing. R.A in CT

My husband is a direct descendent of one woman who was hung at Salem for witchcraft.
HS in California
Thank you for sharing. N in OZ
My family and I just love when you write about paranormal subjects.
The Russo Family in Canada
To all psychics who have been seriously misunderstood, I salute you.
A Fellow Psychic in NM
Your mother sounds so wonderful!
I think mine could have was not a time to be like that though.
N in Tucson

Lovely Ruby.
You look like your mother. Ann in Mexico

Thank you for sharing this dedication to your beloved mother. Irene, coincidentally the same name as my late mother-in-law, truly had a remarkable gift, which should have been admired, revered, rather than held in contempt. As you mentioned, a gift such as that, could have been invaluable to mankind. Indeed, many poor souls who left this world, could have been saved if your mother had joined the medical profession and was given the opportunity to utilise the wonderful gift that was bestowed on her.
The word is full of "doubting Thomases".......maybe a combination of fear and resentment is to blame. We will probably never know.

Gordon in England

She was really special. Dusty
I wish I could have my mother back. God how I miss her. It never gets any easier…
Anon in Boston
I'll have to wait and see. NM in Melbourne
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