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Here is a true story about an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh named Ramses.  He was worshipped as a  living god.   Ramses told his people, upon return from war, that he won!!!!!  Later on, it was revealed in ancient writings that in fact, he did NOT win.  The battle with the supposed enemy was a truce and neither side actually won.   How common is it for rulers to lie through their teeth over and over until the lies become the known truth?  hahahah
VERYVERYVERY common!!!!!
Has anything actually changed in our time? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
What will history tell future generations about the newest rulers?  Well this depends on who is writing the historical records.  Usually, it's the winners.  Usually it is from a male standpoint.
As a woman who has been very politically active, it is not fair, true, or Karmically right to only have a man's view of history.  What about all the armies through the millennia who raped and plundered, with women and children faring the worst? What about Genghis Khan's hordes who believed the more they raped, the more they won, since.... the progeny would be Mongolian, genetically? Did you know that I carry these Mongolian genes from my family who were Far-Eastern-Russians?
Today you have this concept ruling many who fight and slaughter in the name of...
So... who will ever tell the real truth to you?
For sure it will not be your rulers.  For sure it will not be the liberal media.
In closing, I beg you to think for yourselves, read, research, and never stop!  Didn't the Nazi Germans believe they were right?  And finally in the end, were they???

Smile in agreement.

Well said. TX
Sadly, you are correct. The rulers lie! Of course we can hope and pray that the newest ones coming to office will lie less! Please join us in prayer for not only America, but for the world. The radical terrorist violence is horrific. T in NYC
p.s. We moved to NYC from the violence in Chicago. And now we are planning to leave NYC and move to a safer state. Any suggestions?
I always enjoy your thoughtful emails. How can an Apache have such a wonderful blessing and been so violent?? Something to ponder in my 'young' age! E.C.

Dr. Yanez replying: Perhaps not every single Apache was violent? Perhaps some were very sage? Perhaps the European/American settlers and armies were also to blame?
Thank you for this blog.

The native saying that the Sun brings you energy is dead spot on. These people who were seen and depicted as savages knew more about life, spirituality and nature than their conquerors ever will even to this day. Nick in OZ

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