Sunday, January 15, 2017



Come with me to my heaven. It's a mindset of great happiness.  You see, it took a long time to arrive at this thinking, and I wish to share. In my heaven, every being who has shown me love, kindness, charity, respect, nurture... they are all there for me.  All that has beauty, sight, sound, taste and tactile, stunning aroma, and lest we forget extrasensory perception(s), you are in my heaven.  The greatest of Mother Nature which thrills me still, you are in my heaven.  Laughing until it brings tears of ecstacy, you are in my heaven. My loved ones on Earth and in spirit, you are in my heaven.  There is no crime.  There is no war.  There is no lying. There is no suffering.  All that is true in the right and perfect way resides in my heaven.
Thank you for listening, and joining me where it is so simple, so precious, so GODLY!!!

We hope you aren't planning to check out too soon b/c your blog makes us happy. LC
Like it. Cuban Tessie in TX
All of this is so true. Nick in OZ
So how can we be part of your heaven? Luis and Familia
I love that! Thank you for sharing! PURRYDAZE in Belize
This is stunning, Ruby! Thank you for the infinite joy of sharing your heaven for a few moments.

Sending great love,

We are mourning the double loss of our parents. They were killed by a hit and run. Your blog was the first time any of my siblings have been able to smile.
We thank you Dr. Yanez for sharing your heaven. R Family
Your mind is able to create such beautiful and special writings. SR Toronto
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