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Many times in my career as a trauma therapist,
people have shared things that have me praying for God's guidance. Here is one such case history.
A little child of nearly three had this experience, and as an adult needed help to fathom the evil.
The little child is with the paternal grandmother and the grandmother apparently practices
Grandma takes youngster to stove and puts child onto a step-stool. Grandmother says to child...
"And now Honey, we are going to teach you how to kill people!"  On the stove is an iron cauldron that smells awful with strange things inside of it.  The child is frightened and says, "Grandma, I am too afraid to do this."
From that day forward, this child was periodically beaten ferociously in front of the cult. Miraculously, the child didn't end up dead from the beatings.
As an adult, can you even imagine the need this patient had for trauma counseling?  That is only a small portion of what came to me over the years.  Please note that many never seek help.  I am requesting that your comments be short, w/o rage, and very clearly stated, in the event you too have had experiences of this nature.
Thank you.  Dr. RubyNorma Yanez
Dedicated to my departed soul-friend,
Dr. Jimmy Lee Choron
Anonymous said...
You just described my own nightmare childhood, Dr. Yanez. ANONDelete

You just described my own nightmare childhood, Dr. Yanez. ANON
In our Haitian family, they practiced Vodun. You reminded me of the ritualistic way they did spells. It did not scare me as it did with the child you wrote about. In fact, I still practice. Magick can be used for good and also for evil.
Good God! I know that evil really does exist. But that grandmother sounds like one ugly devil. VR in TX
Satan has many followers; he prowls the world seeking more who will live with him in Hell for eternity. We must pray to G-d to fight for these endangered souls
Note to above comment: YES! Pray. The world we are witnessing, appears very taken with committing horrendous acts. Pray now for America. amen Dr. Yanez
Wow! Deep.

So lucky for them to have you, dear healer.
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